New Comparison Heaven and Dollection sites opened!

Welcome to new Comparison Heaven and the opening of Dollection! :)

Everything work as they did before (*Edit* The buttons work also! ^^)

Also. Please check my new site (it’s also the main site where this comparison heaven is in):

~ Dollection ~


Dollection is a project that I have been working on for “some” time already (also forgotten it for a year or so..) but better late than never, yes? ^^;;

But it’s idea is to be a site, that will contain (almost) all possible dolls in the future and you can use it to find dolls with their features like size, gender, facial features (open/closed/dreaming eyes, different ears, open/closed mouth and vampire teeth ((…almost wrote feet…))), and other things.

I hope this site can one day answer to the question like “where I can find tan MSD sized girl dolls” and “I wonder what companies make animal dolls” and “I want to find *ALL* tall dreaming Vampire boys”

Those are the questions that I know many have asked (and so have I) and I hope this site will help in the future new and old Dollfie collectors. :)

But as you might have noticed, the site doesn’t yet have much dolls, because the amount of dolls in the market is *HUGE*

And I will need a lot of help to be able to complete this site and keep it updated, because I have my hands full with Comparison Heaven and Dollection administration. :D

If you are interested to help with the doll information, even a bit, please head to the forum section and give me a pm and I’ll make you a Dollector!

I will never command anyone to do more, just do what you can and want to do, it will be enough. :)

And I want to thank Mayumi for everything. She was the one to do close cooperation with me, since she was the one doing base coding for it. :) I’m just the project manager and administrator. :D

But cheers everyone. I hope you like this new site~

– Kihaku

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