2015.02.25 Dollection news

At the moment:
– 91 companies have given us permission to use their pictures, and total I know of atleast 170 companies. I will ask permission from every company before using their pictures.
– 33 companies have been added to the dollection, but the information is from over year back (because i took a long break.. )
– 19 companies of 33 have been now checked that the information is accurate and after I have checked the rest, I will upload missing pictures for these 33 companies. After that I will start updating other companies information fully one company at a time for the companies first which have given us permission.
– (other dollectors than me can/will add other companies than these 33, which I am checking)

We have one new Dollector to help with the site! \o/
Welcome CaffeinatedCake!

That’s the status now.

Stay tuned or come and join us~
(Warning: the doll adding to database at first will be slow and hard, because every company tends to do everything differently than other companies..But it’s still fun. xD)

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