2015.03.19 Dollection news! Somethings will change.

I decided to switch things around a bit and make things better. :)

I added Height of doll (thought it’s still 0 in most cases..) so later you might be able to search for a doll which is exactly some height that you want. Though, I have to see how I wanna do with different versions..

And some information will be added together, which means that some tabs will vanish, but the information will be added to the doll itself (head only will be just a choice in model). This means that Doll head will be always individual and things about the body will be found from under that head model. Which means there wont usually be different versions for boy and girl if you can choose a model with either body and things like that.

Things will change in Dollection when things are ready for it, but I’ve been bit busy with preparing things for this slight change. Though, no information will be lost! they will be just found better. :) on other note, some pictures has been added, but other pictures will be added after the change. ^^

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