Comparison Heaven in Dolls & Party!

Hello all! :D

I will be attending to Dolls & Party in Barcelona on 4th july as a collaborist! :)

I have a Comparison Heaven stand in there (more details will be provided as I get them) so if you are around, come and meet me and bring me your dolls to be photographed! I would love to meet you and your dolls. :)

Also, I will open a new category to Comparison Heaven starting from Dolls & Party 2015! I will add a category called “other dolls” where I will add pullips, blythes, monster high dolls and some others. :) But, notice that I will photograph only one of each doll model and not the different faceups and styles. This means I will need to photograph the base versions, as the normal versions have a wig usually. But, if you have the base version of doll that doesn’t have glued wig, you can bring it to be photographed. ^^

But I’ll see you at Dolls & Party and I hope to bring lots of new dolls to Comparison Heaven from there!


I will also update a list of dolls that are common, but I don’t have them yet. This is because everyone usually expects me to have them already. x) And a list where you can see what I have already, so you can check if you have a doll, that I *don’t* have yet. And I will also update information about dolls that should be compared again if possible (because wrong/missing pose, high heel feet or something else that affects the comparison)

3 thoughts on “Comparison Heaven in Dolls & Party!

  1. I’m going to Dolls & Party BCN,
    are you interested to make photos on a Luts Kid Delf Satyresse with centaur body for the stock?

  2. Shirae, yes please! :) I love centaurs and I’m missing the Luts version, so I’d be very happy if you bring her.

    – Kihaku

  3. Thank you so much for take photos to our new dolls for comparision at the Dolls&Party, a lot of people think about our 26cm chubby dolls that they are smaller, until they see them or have them in their hands hehehehe

    Thank you! ^^

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