Dolls added from Dolls & Party~

Unfortunately I’m bit late, because Life got in the way. or Ingress. Those who know about the game, my faction change went trough and I had to adjust to the new faction a bit. XD

But never the less! I added 39 new dolls from Dolls & Party and I added a new category called “Other”

I will photograph non-BJD dolls to that category including whatever comes to my mind. These other dolls might have hair, because they are usually sewn, not as a wig. If i find a doll without hair, I will switch the images to that one.

But here we have the list of new dolls! (And I have to add couple buttons more. x3)

Other Dolls
F Petite Takara Middie Blythe Custom – Israel
F Petite Takara Neo Blythe Simply Chocolat – Israel
M Petite Groove Pullip Taeyang Mio Kit (Custom) – Hiromi
F Petite Groove Pullip Pullip Xiao – Hiromi
F Tiny Nendroid Elza Elza – Patricia
F Petite Azone Pure Neemo Flection S Azone – Elanor
F Tiny Azone Picconeemo D – Elanor
F Tiny Obitsu 11cm Little Dal Drta – Carol

Animal Dolls
S Tiny Doll Factory Pet Ari Bobo – Sonia
S Tiny Nikki Britt Sea Imp Neptune – Sonia
S Tiny Soom Cutiepie Toad – Xialina
S Tiny Aileen Doll Pet doll Dragon Seed – Sakura Dragonheart
M MSD Dearmine Lover Oscar – Ylenia Lopez
F MSD Dearmine Lover Priscilla – Aaron idigoras

Special Parts
F MSD Luts Kid Delf Centaur parts Satyresse – Claudia

F Petite Merry Doll Round 23cm Mousse – Nuria
F Petite Kaye Wiggs 28cm Raillie – Sweetneat
S MSD Dust of Dolls Tank Tank – Krowbar
F Petite Magic Mirror 30cm Saoirse – Dausica
S Petite Peakswood FOF Dorothy – Keniko
F Petite Cherish doll Faith Beau – Fumika Harukaze
M Petite Fantasy doll Tiny Glen – Fumika Harukaze
F Petite Akhmel Aki Aki – Sonia
F Petite Atelier Momoni 30cm Reira – Krowbar
M Petite Little Cosmos Dolls Robin Robin – Sandra
F Petite Boy & Girl Honey Loretta – Yaiga
F Petite Atelier Momoni 30cm Reira – Lola
F Tiny Atelier Momoni 15cm Meto – Lola
S Petite Sephie Doll shop 26cm Bambú – Mayte
S Tiny Sephie Doll shop Tiny 16cm Trébol – Mayte
F SD Twigling Ingenue – Krowbar
S Petite Dust of Dolls Cham Näbi Cham Näbi – Krowbar
F SD Doll Chateau Daphne Daphne – Mond Kind
F SD Doll family DF-A 58cm Merry Doll Round Ophelia – Bianca
F SD Lillycat SD Ellana – Chio
F SD Volks Dollfie Dream Akira –
F SD Volks SD13 L-Bust Okita Souji – Rika
F SD Dollmore Model Ryu Miu – Yoru no Neko
F MSD Fairy Garden Papana Papana – Purple-Enma
F MSD Vasilisa’s Dolls MSD Lilithium – Lean
F MSD Magic Mirror 50cm Maeve – Iteiar

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