Doll list

Here is the list of dolls that I have already so check what you *DONT* have and bring them to me to photograph to Dolls & Party or photograph them yourselves with instructions, but dolls in red could be photographed again, if wanted (because of wrong hand/body position, something missing, high heel feet, etc)

Please check also your “common” dolls! I am missing a lot of “common” dolls (Luts, Soom), because usually people expect them to be in the Comparison Heaven already and no one has brought it to me in reality. :D I will update a list of common dolls that I am missing.

But here is the list for dolls that are already in the comparison : *Red colour will be added later*

Normal doll pictures
Alchemic Labo Unoa 1.5 F Big Bust - Sleeping girl modded
Angel of Dream 60cm M - Migidoll Yujin
Angelsdoll 70cm M - LLT Roderich
Angelsdoll Massive M - Iplehouse Dexter
Ariadoll 14yrs F - A.I.R. Say
Be Yours 60cm M - Red Copper
Dikadoll 1/6 M - Soom Bygg
Doll Chateau Youth F - Musedoll head
Doll Family DF-A 58cm F - Merry Doll Round Oph
Dollmore Adam M - Larme thinking
Dollmore Kid M - MNF Juri-10
Dollstown 18 yrs F - Supiadolls Ji-In
Dollstown 18 yrs M - Llt Roderich
Dollzone 45cm F v.2 - Soom Sueve
Dollzone 45cm F v.1 - Fairyland MNF Ryeon
Dollzone 45cm M v.2 - Minifee Shiwoo Scar
Dollzone 68cm M - D.Gradle Keath
Dream of Doll DOB M - Angell-Studio Ice
Dream of Doll DOC F - Twing Key (mod)
Dream of Doll DOI M - Migidoll Ryu
Enaibi Satyne F - Angry Satyne
Fairyland Feeple70 F - Ashley D Vampire
Fairyland Feeple70 M - CP Moon dream
Fantasy doll Mini Dolls F - Fairyland MNF Ryeon
Granado 60cm M - DollClans Kien
HeartStrung Ruse F - Fairyland Multihead
Infiniti Doll SID M - Migidoll Miho
Leeke D F - Pumpkin
Little Monica Harmony F - Luts Nanuri 07
Lost Angel 60cm F - Custom House Hyun
Luts Delf M Type 3 - Dreaming El
Luts Senior Delf M Type 3 - Doll Family Lyndon
Minoruworld Junior F - Leila sl, modded
Oceanmoon 26cm F - Eun-Ryoung
Planetdoll 41cm F - Unoa Akubi
Resinsoul 40cm F - MNF Marcia
Resinsoul 58cm F - Modified Yun
Resinsoul 61cm M - Elfdoll Emma
Shinydoll Thaasa F II-s - Dollmore Lilis Liv
Soom Gem F - ED Eun-A
Sseiren Rake M - Lawrence
Sseiren Seiren F - Winking Gemma
Volks MSD M - Schulze
Volks SD10 F - Souseiki
Volks SD13 F L-Bust - Okita Souji
Withdoll MSD F - Priscilla
Withdoll MSD M - Dante Vampire

Special parts pictures
Animal Doll pictures

Total sum of dolls : 374 (and counting..)

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