Help needed!

Add Dolls to Dollection

Dollection needs people who want to help with adding dol information to the database. At the beginning, the dollection needs everyone who is willing to help, because there are hundreds or thousands dolls to add. No matter how much or little you can help, every little thing helps us grow. :)

You’ll also get a nifty Dollector title in forum and your name on the Credits. ^^

You can apply by sending me an pm in the forums :

– Kihaku



Contribute pictures to Comparison Heaven

What you will need:
Camera stand (this must be used for accuracy)
White paper / other type of white area. Dimensions of approx 29cm x 80cm (= 4 x A4 papers or 2 x A3 papers for example. A4 paper is 29,5cm in width). You need to draw to this.
White paper for “floor” (one A4 paper is good)
Black marker / pen for drawing lines
Measurement tape
Blu tact or tape for attaching the paper to wall

IMPORTANT! Please do not change the zoom them individualy or crop the pictures. Send me them as they are. It is -much- easier for me to edit the pictures if they all are same size images, because I can automate the changing. If you change the zooming in every picture, I need to edit every picture individually and it will take me ages. And I will need to crop all the images with the same size, proportion and zoom level, so if you zoom in on different dolls/images or crop the pictures yourself, it will only bring more work for me, because I will first need to edit every picture differently, add stuff to it and crop it again. So leave the images as they are, I will crop it right. The images that I have taken with extra stuff around it is what I want. Thank you

If the dolls have some modifications, please ask me first if they can be added to the comparison. They can have different head than company, but if you have modified the body or changed it’s hands/feet, please ask from me first.
Please follow instructions or the photos might be unusable and your work will be for naught. I can’t use pictures that are too crooked. I can fix some problems, but not all.


Before you start photographing the doll, remove all clothes, accessories and wig and always use normal feet, not high heel feet if possible.
If the doll body has modifications, please inquire about the doll before you photograph. Tattoos and seam sanding is fine, but if you have sanded doll’s breast away or other parts, the doll cannot be added to comparison. It doesn’t matter what modifications the head has though, only the body matters.
Take a paper with width 29,5cm and height 80,5cm (you can tape A4 papers together). Make lines every 5cm starting from the bottom. Write numbers indicating the height (5, 10, 15, 20 ..) on top of the lines to right side. This is very important, because I will calculate the right height and width of images with these lines.
Tape the paper to straight walll and see that the bottom of the paper touches floor and that the first line is at 5cm from the ground. Also take a sheet of white paper and put it to floor, so the floor area will be white when you photograph.
I will use backround made of wood that is painted white and I have placed it at the wall in these instuctions instead of the paper. (I’ll update pictures with paper later)Placement of camera
Place the camera to camera stand and place it so that the lens is approx 105cm from the wall and middle of the background.Line of sight to middle of the area
Height of the camera
There are two heights for the camera! If you photograph dolls that are taller than 30cm, place the camera so that the lens is at 59cm from the ground. If you photograph dolls that are less than 30cm, please place the camera so the lens is 27cm from the ground.I use either digital system camera or small digital camera. Here is picture of both of them.
photographing doll over 30cm with digital system camera
Photographing doll over 30cm with digital camera
Photographing doll under 30cm (for example, even thought the doll in this pic is over 30cm) with digital camera
Taking the pictures
check if everything looks as it should
Check that you see whole area with lines + the white paper on the floor in your camera atleast. If you do not, you can move the camera farther away from the wall than 105cm. But just as much as you need. Do not use zoom. If you see too much, like in this picture, it does not matter at all and is almost preferred this way.
Posing the doll
Take five different poses of one doll. Keep the doll as close to the wall as possible and make sure it stands straight, all the time! It can touch the wall. If you don’t, it will affect to proportions! Here is picture how it should look like and how it looks like from the side. You need to take pictures only pictures like the first ones. No need for “how it looks like from the side” pictures.1 – Front
Pose the doll so that it looks straight at the camera and it is standing stright. Both hands on side.
Picture that you take, should look something like this
2 – frontal view (3/4)
Rotate the doll bit countervice, but not much. You can move the hand bit back, so that it won’t block the side view.
Picture that you take, should look something like this
3 – Side view
Rotate the doll bit more countervice, so that doll’s side is towards the camera. Raise the doll’s left hand above it’s head so it won’t block the body.
Picture that you take, should look something like this
4 – Back view
Rotate the doll more countervice, so that doll’s back is towards the camera. Lower the arm.
Picture that you take, should look something like this
5 – sitting
Rotate the doll and make it sit with it’s legs straight to the side. Raise right hand, so it won’t block the view. All of the dolls sit differently, so make it sit like it normally does. It can lean back or front, just as it normally does. If it does not sit at all, you can make it lean to it’s hand. (Check iplehouse EID..)
Picture that you take, should look something like this

And there we go. :)

Send these 5 pictures to me to address kihaku (at) and write these information to the message:
Gender (M / F /S) :
Size (Tiny, Petite, MSD, SD, 70cm, 80+) :
Company :
Line :
Model :
Head model :
Possible specialty on body (big bust, long legs, etc):
Who owns the doll:
Extras (is there something we should know about the body? Modifications?)

and I will check if it’s ok and do the rest! o/

You can also check if the pictures are fine before sending them to me for checking. For this, you need picture program with layers, such as gimp or photoshop.
first, rotate the picture so that the area is straight and move this layout to the picture. In this first picture I have rotated the picture and added layout as a new layer.
Then change the opacity of layout to 50% or so that you see thought it and move it to the area.
after that, change the size of the original picture or just area (ctrl+t in photoshop) and rotate the picture so that the lines in your picture and the layout are aligned. If everything is fine, the lines should be aligned. If this is too hard, you can also send one picture for me first and I can check it for you and tell you if it is fine. :)

Possible problems

Wrong angle of the camera 1
if the camera is tilted down or up like this, it results bad pictures.
Wrong angle of the camera 2
If the camera does not point straight, it results bad pictures.
Wrong angle of the camera 3
If the camera is tilted sideways, this does not matter.

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