On Comparison Heaven tab:

– Click the “Add dolls” button to open the doll list.

 – Use either the button filtering or search filter to find the doll that you are looking for.
 – Use the blue buttons to open a doll picture to the box below.
 – Click the ! button to open information page for the body.
 – When you have opened the pictures to the box, move them to touch the bottom to get the most accurate view.*

– Remove picture by double clicking it or click “Clear all images”

Here is also a picture of it:

* The lines in the doll picture are *most right* compared to the doll. Difference between doll lines and the line table comes from camera placement. To get the most accurate comparison, check that 35cm lines are matching in different doll pictures.
Petites and smaller dolls are photographed little bit from different angle! because of this the lines seem not to match but that’s angle problem. The best way to compare petite and tiny dolls to SD:s/MSD:s/70cm:s is to see the top line in petite/tiny picture matches the right line in bigger doll picture. And don’t mind if the other lines doesn’t match, it’s still about right size. :)
-Everything bigger than MSD can be accurately compared to each other
-Petites and Tinys can be accurately compared to each other
-Be aware that there might be an error (+-1cm) when comparing smaller than MSD to MSD:s or larger.

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