Dollection is a place, which will in future contain (almost?) all possible dolls and you can use it to find dolls with their features and see what different dolls this world has. Notice that Dollection is not a dublicate of companies, but a doll database. This means that dollection line names (and model names..) might be different than what they are in site, because we will try to combine different versions of same doll to one sheet if possible. Different heads will always be their own versions (elf ears and such), but different skin colours of same doll will not. (There might be some now, but it will change)

This is done so we can find information easier. :)

I hope this site can one day answer to the question like “where I can find tan MSD sized girl dolls” and “I wonder what companies make animal dolls” and “I want to find *ALL* tall dreaming Vampire boys”

Those are the questions that I know many have asked (and so have I) and I hope this site will help in the future new and old Dollfie collectors.



Comparison Heaven

Comparison heaven is a place to compare different dolls to each other. You can do this on Comparison page. The point of this site is that I can add dolls endlessly, so the amount of dolls won’t be what here is now. This is possible due to transportable comparison stand, which can be used to add more dolls to the same comparison as others.

At first I’d like to thank everyone who will bring me their doll to get photographed, since this site wouldn’t be here without you. You can help me by bringing your dolls to the meetups where I’m in (finland usually) or you can use the “help needed” page to make up your own comparison site, so you can send the pictures to me to be added to the comparison.

I hope this site is useful for you.




And I might take this away, but if you feel that you would like to help me by donating, you can do it here:


No one has to pay anything, the sites are free for all and no advertisements, but you can donate if you feel like it. All the donated money goes to server costs and better equipment (which will result into better quality pictures).

Yours, Kihaku.

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