Dolls added from Dolls & Party~

Unfortunately I’m bit late, because Life got in the way. or Ingress. Those who know about the game, my faction change went trough and I had to adjust to the new faction a bit. XD But never the less! I added 39 new dolls from Dolls & Party and I added a new category called […]

Comparison Heaven in Dolls & Party!

Hello all! I will be attending to Dolls & Party in Barcelona on 4th july as a collaborist! I have a Comparison Heaven stand in there (more details will be provided as I get them) so if you are around, come and meet me and bring me your dolls to be photographed! I would love […]

2015.02.25 Dollection news

At the moment: – 91 companies have given us permission to use their pictures, and total I know of atleast 170 companies. I will ask permission from every company before using their pictures. – 33 companies have been added to the dollection, but the information is from over year back (because i took a long […]