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    Hello! I wouldn’t post this if I didn’t have to, but it seems to me that there’s no way to actually PM anyone using this forum software! I poked around for an email address or anything else too and was unable to find anything.

    I figured this qualified as something being wrong, haha.

    Anyhow, Kihaku, I’d like to help out with the database! I had made my own attempt at a DB with some very minor differences from yours, but yours is a lot farther along and much more user friendly so I’d like to just take what I have and any further data and put it towards this!

    Since I can’t message you, my email is *Edited* if you’d like to email me?

    I apologize in advance if I missed the PM option somewhere!

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    Oh, I’ll look into it then and yeah, it qualifies as something being wrong. :D

    But this is fine, I gave you access already. >:D Mhwahaha. And sent you a message.

    And Cool! :D Awesome to see someone else who has thought of some thing! If you have any ideas what this Dollection could have more, i’m open to suggestions. I’d like to see the site you have already. :3

    And prolly it’s further only because I have gotten help with it and didn’t need to do all alone. :)

    – Kih

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    Access received! Thank you!

    This is what I had come up with so far:

    At present, all I was worried about was GETTING the data, but in the end the search system was going to work a lot like yours.

    A note: The “Recast Status” column is there purely to let people know whether or not a doll has been recasted. I had no plans to ever list WHO was recasting the doll. I figure I’d mention that since I had a person ask me about it.

    My spreadsheets can be viewed here:
    I did NOT compile all of that data myself. I had a couple of people fill in stuff but I didn’t set it up to track who added what. So if any of my data ends up being useful to you, it might be better to credit anonymous helpers?

    I have to run for now but I’ll see if there’s any suggestions I can give later! Really though, I love what you have set up so far.

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    Oh cool! :D

    Hmm, I kinda like the Size category more than we have, since sometimes it’s bit hard to know if some doll is SD or msd. sizing by 10cm would be pretty nice. Though 10-19cm is bit long. Hmm, needs some thinking…

    And I like the categories for Centaur, merfolk and such, since I just have them as half-human, I might think of sub categories at somepoint. :D

    And yeah, the biggest thing is Getting the data, but I decided to go with the system first so it would be fun to update the data. xD But either way is good, the data first or the layout. :)

    and thank you for mentioning to me about it. :) I wouldn’t have asked, but I don’t support recasts, so there won’t be anything regarding recasts in Dollection. I want to keep everything as legal as it can be and support the doll makers. They do such a huge job and I want to respect it. :)

    But yeah! I’m open for suggestions if there’s good ones. :D

    Also, I added “Set as private reply” option for the forum. I didn’t notice that this didn’t have pm’s. I have been too accustomed to phpbb (Doa and couple of others) and this is quite light version of forum..

    – Kih

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